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Towards the end of 2018, Liberty Compassion approached Doorway To Dignity to assist with the distribution of 100 trolleys to informal waste collectors. These trolleys, which were funded by the National Lotteries Commission, are made of galvanised steel, have a carrying capacity of 300 kg and have reflective tape on all four sides to increase visibility. Each waste trader who receives a trolley is also given a reflective Conti suit.


The purpose of the project is to enhance the lives of waste traders - sometimes referred to as 'trolleypreneurs' - who play such a valuable role in helping to reduce landfill. The trolleys provide them with a safer and more comfortable way of running their businesses, enabling them to carry larger loads and boost their income. Several residents' associations have come on board to assist with distribution, which is helping to foster better relationships between trolleypreneurs and the communities in which they operate.


To date, we have distributed 55 trolleys to waste traders in a variety of areas including Fontainebleau, Malanshof, Windsor, Edenvale, Bryanston, Soweto, Zandspruit and Linden.  

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