The challenge

Period poverty affects women and girls worldwide who cannot afford safe, hygienic menstrual products.

About 30% of girls in South Africa miss up to four consecutive days of school every month because they don’t have access to products to manage their periods in a dignified way.

Thousands of homeless women face a crisis when they have their periods. From coping with infections to being unable to purchase menstrual supplies, keeping safe and clean on the streets is not easy.

The solution

Doorway to Dignity, in association with The Pad Princess, has created an eco-friendly

and cost-efficient washable, reusable menstrual pad kit.

The kit, which costs R 150, includes:

  • A small bucket with a lid

  • 3 reusable pads

  • Washing powder and measuring scoop

  • Vinegar

  • A drawstring bag

  • A pack of feminine wipes


Reusable pads have many advantages:

  • They are cost-effective, long-lasting and easy to clean.

  • They are healthy: Each pad has several absorbent layers to prevent leakages.

  • They are environmentally friendly: The average woman uses up to 16 800 disposable pads and/or tampons in her lifetime, which typically end up on landfill sites.

  • They are attractive and comfortable: The outer layer of fabric comes in a range of pretty colours and is designed to provide maximum comfort.


Our initial goal of 1 000 kits will be distributed to schools, women’s shelters and women living on the streets.

Beyond empowering girls and women, the pad project has far-reaching benefits, including job creation, skills development and protecting the environment.


How you can help

Should you wish to support this initiative, please take a look at our BackaBuddy campaign

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